To the point! - Engelse titel

€ 15,00

Het eerste Engelse boek van puntdichter en tehatermaker Jan J. Pieterse, To the point! - Short poems form the theatre,  bevat Engelstalige puntdichten. Het boek is Nederlands ondertiteld.

Jan J. Pieterse is a Dutch performing poet. He has published 20 books with epigrams, one-liners, Chinese haiku poems, Twitterdichten (Twitter poems), mitsen en maren (ifs and buts), pixeldichten (pixel poems) and grafdichten (elegies). The author has performed and read his poems in  theatres in his own shows and as a guest in other programs .  He introduced "book throwing" in the theatres: after his readings, he throws his books into the audience. He has performed his work on Dutch radio and television.

You can find the author on YouTube, Twitter (@puntdichter) and his website (

 The English poems have Dutch subtitles.